Mega Microwave Combo Set

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Each set includes all 4 ultra convenient pieces!  Our microwave accessories are made with microwave safe, non-stick silicone so clean up is easy!  Items are dishwasher safe.  Included:

1.  FOLDING OMELET PAN features a locking lid to seal in heat - create that perfect omelet right from your microwave!

2.  TWO EGG POACHER with locking lid!  Our egg poacher holds two eggs and keeps heat sealed in for a shorter cook time and tastier eggs.  So much easier than on the stove!

3.  BACON RACK is designed to keep grease away from bacon while cooking.  Create a healthier breakfast every time!

4.  POTATO BAKER for cooking up to four potatoes!  The potato baker's unique design provides even heat distribution for perfectly baked potatoes.